Motivation & Empowerment to Completely Change Addiction

Back on Track's MECCA program is a psycho-social model program that creates a foundation for clients to build a recovery program that they will be able to incorporate into their daily life. Our goal is to improve a resident's quality of life; by giving clients the ability to choose a recovery path that best suits them, they will be empowered to choose a life of long term recovery.

Program Length:

MECCA require an approx. 90 day period to complete.

Program Outline:

1) Stabilization Period (2 weeks) - During this period clients are on a two week restriction period. This is a period where the client will be given an opportunity to rest, reflect and become comfortable in their new environment. During this period they are required to complete three assignments. A "Last 90 days of Addiction" letter, a "Goodbye to Addiction" letter and lastly, a "Goals for Recovery" letter.

2) Commitment to Recovery (1 week) - During this period, clients will meet with their recovery leader or case manager weekly to discuss how they are feeling and receive guidance. At Back on Track it is our belief that by working with clients and providing an empathetic, supportive environment, clients will feel motivated to make change. They will be required to set goals to make their stay a success.

3) MECCA (8 weeks) - During this period clients will be required to attend an additional group workshop after our regular group therapy. Monday to Thursday from 1030am to 12noon. It consists of multiple workshops that have been carefully selected and tailored towards creating a well-rounded realistic recovery plan that clients will be able to incorporate into their daily life. Facilitated by our talented team of leaders the workshops create a supportive learning environment that require clients to participate in group collaboration, written assignments, life skills development to increase skills and self-awareness. These workshops consist of:

  • Stategies for Building Self-Esteem
  • Making Healthy Choices
  • Relapse Prevention Strategies
  • Using the 12 Step Guide to Recovery
  • SMART Recovery & CBT Therapy
  • Family Relationships Strategies & Communication Skills
  • Anger Management Strategies & Stress Management

4) Assessment, Action Planning & Referrals (1 week) - This is the final stage of the program where clients will work with their recovery leader to create an action-plan for what they would like to do next in their recovery.

This program is not offered anywhere else and is offered in addition to all of our other great services.