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Robynn Poynter & Cole Izsak (Owners/Founders)

Robynn Poynter & Cole Izsak (Owners/Founders)


It all started when…

I started my journey on February 19th 2010. I was at a recovery house, when I was offered the position of Monitor. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our funding ceased. I was faced with a challenge. And so, I decided to seize the opportunity and borrow money to find a home for myself and the other remaining clients. Almost immediately, I began to receive a flood of calls for people asking for help. “If you build it, they will come.” (Quote from Field of Dreams). I knew almost immediately that I had found my calling. It has been 8 years, 6 houses and 1200 clients later and I am still following my passion for helping others.

“My wish would be to see everyone get to a place in their lives where they can actually say: I’m Happy! Recovery has done that for me, it has been the best decision I have ever made”

- Robynn Poynter (Owner/Director)