The importance of proper diet in recovery

Let’s face it: good food is one of life’s great pleasures. Not to mention, that in early recovery, a great meal and good nutrition kick starts our new journey and awards us what we have most likely deprived ourselves in our addiction. Additionally, the occasion to sit-down around a table and break bread with other residents, enjoy a good meal, promotes comrade and friendship and makes for a great bonding experience. Dinner time is a big deal at Back On Track. We allocate a substantial portion of our operating budget towards the procurement of good quality food and ingredients.


What we do differently

Simply, we provide an abundant amount of good food. Back On Track is committed to providing a plentiful supply of healthy and nutritious ingredients every day to help in your recovery. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always available. We put almost no restrictions on when you can or cannot eat, and there are no locks on the cupboards or refrigerators. There is always milk and juice to drink and everything you can imagine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Who does the cooking?

Each resident is responsible for the planning, cooking, and clean-up of a good meal for their housemates once every 7 or 8 days. In return, you get the benefit of having the same done for you at least six nights of the week. Clients are on their own for breakfast and lunches.