The importance of proper diet and nutrition in recovery

Proper nutrition helps recovering addicts (and everyone else) feel better because nutrients give the body energy, help build and repair organ tissue, and strengthen the immune system. Because recovering addicts have usually damaged vital organs during the course of their drug or alcohol abuse, good nutrition provides them with the nutritional building blocks they need to begin restoring these damaged tissues.


What we do differently

We are committed to providing a plentiful supply of healthy and nutritious ingredients every day to help in your recovery. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always available and we put no restrictions on when you can or can't eat, no locks on the cupboards and fridges and no limitations on what you can or cannot eat. We have a fresh vegetables garden on the property as well as fresh herbs. There is always milk and juice to drink and everything you can imagine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Who does the cooking?

Members of the house are teamed up in pairs and are responsible for a cooking chore just one night a week. Working together, it is the cook's duty to plan the meal, prepare and cook, ensure there is a well balanced meal and that there are sufficient proportions for all and to clean the dishes afterward. In return, you get the benefit of having the same done for you six nights of the week.