Welcome to 2015 everyone, we hope your having a wonderful year so far. We have been so busy over here at BOT that we haven't sent out a message in some time, so we thought it would be neat to let you in to what is going on for us lately.

Now a proud father...

Cole Izsak, owner and director of Back on Track, had his baby boy on December 22, 2014. Baby Jasiah was born at Surrey Memorial Hospital, weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz and in perfect health. Congratulations to Cole who is a first time father.

Zero Tolerance

At the beginning of the new year we launched the much awaited Zero Tolerance program. This is a program that studies the mechanics of addiction with innovative discussion, bookwork and studies. Our information is studied very carefully before being presented to our residents and is compiled from multiple sources and key researchers who are on the leading edge of addiction study in many different fields. We currently only offer this one of a kind program at our House 1 location but are anxious to begin offering it at our other locations in the very near future.

Clean Time Announcement

Just this past week we celebrated some huge milestones that we would like to recognize. Dylan S celebrated 1 year of clean time - Congratulations Dylan! | Mark O took his 5 year cake - What an awesome job, keep it up! | Robynn Fergusson, Director of Back on Track also celebrated 5 years clean - Your an inspiration to many!

House 3 going per-diem

Its taken a lot of time and energy but we are nearly fully licensed in all three facilities with the Assisted Living Registrar. If you've been watching our progress, you'll remember that House 1 and House 2 became fully licensed back in August and November, respectively. House 3 is just weeks away from completing this process so be sure to check back in the upcoming weeks for that.

House 4

We have been so busy and we are constantly having to turn people down for lack of availability. Nothing is final yet but the idea is definitely being rolled around. Check back to see when that might happen.


We wish everyone a happy and safe 2015 and we look forward to many more updates coming up in the very near future :)

-- Back on Track Recovery